Adam Devine’s “Jexi” Is A Good Idea, Badly Executed

Believe it or not, there are movies that are not well executed even though the actors are good. There are movies that are gaining bad critic reviews just because it is badly executed. We don’t know if it is the problem with the casting, or the script and storyline itself.  An example of this is the movie Jexi starring Adam Devine. They say it is badly executed, but it depends on the viewer on how they see the movie.

For me, this film is one of the funniest movies of Adam Devine. I can assure you that if you are a fan of comedy film, this one is the right one for you. You will surely be going to laugh your ass out in the entire film, not being exaggerated but it seems like it.

Try watching the Jexi having a low expectation, after some minutes you will cry in laughter. Not only it can make you laugh, but it also shows how human beings are relying on technology nowadays. The story is not a pure comedy; it has a lesson in it if you just watch it carefully and understand its message to us, humans.

                Here are the few goods and bad things to expect if ever you decided to watch the movie:

  • Expect the movie to be funny.
  • Some say it just a waste of time and money, but it still depends on the viewer. If you are into this kind of comedy film, then it is definitely worth your time and money.
  • It is a great movie that depicts the introvert’s world.
  • Nice and very good comedy movie, it teaches about living.
  • A must-see movie, especially for the smartphone user out there.
  • Though the humor in this movie is overshadowed by bad language and sexual derogatory remarks, stereotype name-calling, sexual images, and a pot party. So think before bringing minors into this kind of movie.

To conclude, this movie of Adam Devine is really hilarious and you will literally laugh from start to finish. Adam really played and gives justice to his role in this film. The movie is worth watching, but it would have been more enjoyable without the crassness and profanity. This film is all in all a real feel-good film, which you can watch in any mood and definitely deserves higher ratings than it has achieved.


The Enduring Legacy of Doctor Who

There’s a series that last for a year or two, and also there’s a series that last for more than five-decade and still ongoing up until now. Imagine a television show having over eight hundred and fifty episodes and still counting.

There’s a series that may not have been widely followed, even though this series has been running for more than fifty years. Maybe you are getting confused about how a series can run that long. Though some of the characters are already dead in real life, the show is still going on and staying strong with their new actors coming up.

If you are into science fiction and wanted to watch something out of this world, try watching Doctor Who and you will surely get the satisfaction that you are looking for in a show. This show is all about an alien known as the doctor who travels throughout all of the time and space in his spaceship.

The doctor’s adventure in each season also presents many companion figures to accompany the doctor’s adventures and become a moral guide for the doctor. In every tough decision that the doctor makes is always fatal for each companion who walks with him, this makes the figure of the doctor prefers to walk alone rather than having to continue to sacrifice others.

Doctor Who ran continuously from 1963, and was canceled in 1989. Even though they still revived the television series and now it is still ongoing and making history. They just proved a remarkable success after years of dead time. It is currently the number one show in the state and the viewership is still continuously going.

Here are some reasons why the show is still going on and staying strong after so many failures:

  • The show is so good that even though you are not into that kind of movie or show genre, you will still going to watch it as you are getting addicted to it. That is the power of a good and excellent writer and directors working behind the scenes.
  • The scene of the show is out of this world that will make you think twice that even a normal human can do such a thing.
  • The power of technology helps a lot for the betterment of the show and people love it.
  • People are into time travel and the television series is showing it.

Can You Download Movies Onto Your Phone?

Say you’re planning for a long international flight. You’ve just found that new movie you want to watch on 123movieshub and would love to watch it to beat the boredom of a flight. Is it possible to download a movie to your phone? Let’s take a look.

Watching Movies On Your Phone

The most popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have an option to download TV shows and movies for offline viewing. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi and don’t want to end up with a huge chunk of your mobile data used, this could be a good option. On these streaming services, only some of their content is available to use offline. You can select the “Available for Download” option on the app to see what’s available. Then, simply hit the “Download” button and these will be saved for future viewing on your phone.

Download Movies Onto Your Phone From Other Sites And Apps

There are plenty of apps and other streaming sites like 123 movies that allow you to download movies onto your phone. Showbox offers free and paid plans for android. Kodi is an open-source media player with content that can be downloaded. Popcorn Time has become a favorite site for movie downloads; it’s fast and easy to use. Mobdro allows you to download movies to your phone without paying anything. Terrariumtv is another good site. The app stores TV shows and movies on the cloud. While you won’t have the movie downloaded to your phone’s memory, this is an easy way to access movies on your phone. 

Watch Your Favorite Movies Anywhere

From the days of Blockbuster and VHS videos, we’ve come so far. We can now not only watch our favorite movies from the comfort of home, but we can also watch movies anywhere on our phone. Go ahead, download your favorite movie now!


Is “1917” Going To Win An Emmy?

Every year, the Emmy rolls out a list of the most talked-about films in Hollywood. All of them are award-worthy films, the newest additions to the ever-growing catalog of all-time greatest films. The competition just gets harder and harder every year, as the competitors become better and better. In 2019, one of the top contenders for the best film is the movie 1917.

This film received 10 nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, among the few. But the icing on the cake was when it won Best Motion Picture for Drama and Best Director at the Golden Globe Awards, competing with other nominees like “Marriage Story,” “The Two Popes,” “Joker,” and “The Irishman.” It is also in many film critics’ top 10 film choices. Needless to say, it has a high possibility of winning an Emmy.

Behind the film

The film 1917 is partially based on the account of Sam Mendes’ paternal grandfather. Mendes explains that the film is a story about a messenger, and the script came from his grandfather, who was a messenger for the British on the Western Front.

It tells the story of two young British soldiers, Lance Corporals Will Schofield and Tom Blake deployed to the battlefield during World War I. They were given the task of delivering a message to call off an attack. The importance of the letter is heightened when one of the boys’ brother is going to be part of that aforementioned attack.

Schofield and Blake are sent out by General Erinmore to deliver the message quickly. The two soldiers cross no man’s land and escape the traps afoot. However, many pitfalls still lie ahead as they make their way to the other camp.    

Accolades and responses

There were many positive reviews for the film. It has a high approval rating in many film critic websites including Rotten Tomatoes, CinemaScore and Metacritic. Some critics have compared it to Stanley Kubrick’s film titled “Paths of Glory,” stating that the film, with its technique and writing, is ahead of its time. Some reviews had mentioned that the film was self-reflective, intense, and artistic. It was added to the top 10 movies on the year by the National Board of Review and American Film Institute.  

Aside from the Academy Awards nomination and the Golden Globe Awards wins, the film was also had several nominations from the Critic’s Choice Awards and British Academy Film Awards.  


Looking For A Quick Netflix Series To Binge Watch? Try “YOU”

Viewers will have different taste when it comes to the genre of movies or TV series that they want to watch. Sometimes it can also depend with the mood you have. For people who want to feel relaxed or uplift their mood, they will surely look for comedy movies that could make them laugh. For kids who are still imaginative, they would look for fantasy movies or those with superhero characters. In fact, these movies still suit adults who still have a child-like attitude. Lovers or couples will look after movies or TV series about the relationship. They can get ideas on how they can resolve issues concerning their relationship instead of quarreling or giving up.

Watching Love Series on Netflix

People who are in love can easily relate to TV series that shows intense love between couples. With lots of TV series in Netflix, one great series that you have to start watching is “YOU.” The story is all about what a man can do for love. In this series, the main character shows that he can do anything for the girl he admires to the point that he will try to get rid of any obstacle that could come his way. Though the love is something that any woman would want to experience, it can also be very alarming because of the harm that it can do to other people. It only shows that the man can go beyond the limit just to get his girl.

The series already has its second season and the third part is something that the viewers are excited about. Too much love can lead to obsession which can be very dangerous. The series somehow gives people an idea about what obsession can do. You can no longer say that it is love because it already affects the way you treat other people. If you are excited about the continuation of the “YOU” tv series, then you have to watch out for the third season.

This can be perfect for those who are too much attracted to a girl that they are willing to do everything. It can give them an idea about their limitations when it comes to loving someone. If you truly love someone, the feelings should have positive effects to you and not to cause harm. The series is expected to come back in 2021 with more exciting scenes for the viewers.


Do Old-Style Hollywood Movie Studios Still Exist?

More films has been made last year than in the previous year, and that is because there are more film production studios now than ever. Small production studios go head-to-head with film industry giants. Although it may look like an independent movie studio might lose this battle, it really is not. Technology has given smaller production companies the edge to compete with big institutions.

The surge of content in recent years has encouraged studios to focus more on creator-based projects that are often very character-driven or story-driven. In terms of content and skills, a small movie studio can very much compete with any big company anytime. There is more creative freedom in a smaller production. Directors and writers can stretch their imagination to the fullest with the studio, helping them to make it a reality. However, big companies still have the edge over these smaller companies, and it boils down to tenure and financial capacity. No matter how good a production company is, if it does not acquire enough capital to start a movie, then all is lost at the very start.

The myth of the big six

There are old movie studios that are still operational to this day. These are big Hollywood studios that have become popular as they braved the tests of time. These studios are now big household names that everyone knows. They release one blockbuster after the other, and they seem to be an unstoppable force when it comes to producing new films. These studios are Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. Each studio has made a name for itself through the famous films they have created.

Universal Pictures is the oldest American film studio which is known for releasing Jurassic World (2015). Its great successes were with Steven Spielberg with Jaws (1975), E.T. (1982) and Jurassic Park (1993).

Paramount is known for its film Titanic (1997), co-producing with 20th Century Fox. Other notable works were The Godfather (1972), Grease (1978), Indiana Jones and Star Trek movie franchises.

Walt Disney began as a cartoon studio that started with Mickey Mouse. Now, it has acquired Pixar, Marvel Studios, and Lucas films, bringing in great franchises under its umbrella.      

Warner Bros. Pictures is known for The Dark Knight (2008). The studio’s key franchises are Dirty Harry, Lethal Weapon, The Matrix, Batman, Superman, the DC Universe, Harry Potter and The Hobbit.

Columbia Pictures started as a small production studio that only produces low-budget short films.  Now, it is known for the Spider-Man, Men in Black, The Karate Kid, and Ghostbusters franchises.  

20th Century Fox is best known for Avatar (2009). This company started out producing musical films and pioneered in the widescreen cinemascope. Now, they have franchises like Star Wars, X-Men, Home Alone, Die Hard, and Planet of the Apes. 


Is “Bombshell” Really What Happened At Fox News?

A movie that blasted the cinema world with great controversy, the “Bombshell” had exploded with two nominations from Golden Globe Awards and four nominations from SAG Awards. It was about the sexual harassment scandal involving Rodger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News, and was known as Republican Party’s kingmaker. He was said to be the adviser of the famous leading politicians such as Donald Trump and Richard Nixon.

The sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against Ailes by Gretchen Carlson, a former journalist in Fox News. This started the in-depth investigation inside Fox News, which eventually brought down Ailes. A total of 20 women came out, including the rising star of Fox News during that time, Megyn Kelly. They all reported the harassment, which forced Ailes to resign from his position. He later died at the age of 77 due to complications of hemophilia.

But what really happened at Fox News? Is the Bombshell movie a real story that happened in that prestigious network? Let’s see what we can find out.  

Robert Ailes was a Non-Fictional Character

Robert Eugene Ailes was born on May 15, 1940. He was the former CEO and chairman of Fox Television Station and was involved in many politicians in their campaign. In fact, he became instrumental in their winnings, which also gave him a significant influence on his business. Ailes was a real person, so the movie was depicted from a true story that really happened in the lives of these characters.

The filed sexual harassment lawsuit case was real

Because the sexual harassment case did go to the court, it was recorded and filed proves that these were not just stories. The controversy was not just propaganda or hearsay, it was an actual event.

Everything was written down in records, and it will remain in the history of Fox News and the entire world. Therefore, the movie depicts the real event and not just a reality that we have to ponder upon.

The Resignation of Ailes was also overwhelming evidence

Ailes was forced to resign his position due to the overwhelming lawsuit that brought him down. This was also recorded in the files of the company that holds the Fox News. Let’s say we strip off some stories and hearsays that others are even saying. But those that are written down in records could not be torn down. The movie may have added some fictional characters and scenes to make it cinematographically inclined, but the essences of the facts are there.