Can You Download Movies Onto Your Phone?

Say you’re planning for a long international flight. You’ve just found that new movie you want to watch on 123movieshub and would love to watch it to beat the boredom of a flight. Is it possible to download a movie to your phone? Let’s take a look.

Watching Movies On Your Phone

The most popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have an option to download TV shows and movies for offline viewing. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi and don’t want to end up with a huge chunk of your mobile data used, this could be a good option. On these streaming services, only some of their content is available to use offline. You can select the “Available for Download” option on the app to see what’s available. Then, simply hit the “Download” button and these will be saved for future viewing on your phone.

Download Movies Onto Your Phone From Other Sites And Apps

There are plenty of apps and other streaming sites like 123 movies that allow you to download movies onto your phone. Showbox offers free and paid plans for android. Kodi is an open-source media player with content that can be downloaded. Popcorn Time has become a favorite site for movie downloads; it’s fast and easy to use. Mobdro allows you to download movies to your phone without paying anything. Terrariumtv is another good site. The app stores TV shows and movies on the cloud. While you won’t have the movie downloaded to your phone’s memory, this is an easy way to access movies on your phone. 

Watch Your Favorite Movies Anywhere

From the days of Blockbuster and VHS videos, we’ve come so far. We can now not only watch our favorite movies from the comfort of home, but we can also watch movies anywhere on our phone. Go ahead, download your favorite movie now!