Do Old-Style Hollywood Movie Studios Still Exist?

More films has been made last year than in the previous year, and that is because there are more film production studios now than ever. Small production studios go head-to-head with film industry giants. Although it may look like an independent movie studio might lose this battle, it really is not. Technology has given smaller production companies the edge to compete with big institutions.

The surge of content in recent years has encouraged studios to focus more on creator-based projects that are often very character-driven or story-driven. In terms of content and skills, a small movie studio can very much compete with any big company anytime. There is more creative freedom in a smaller production. Directors and writers can stretch their imagination to the fullest with the studio, helping them to make it a reality. However, big companies still have the edge over these smaller companies, and it boils down to tenure and financial capacity. No matter how good a production company is, if it does not acquire enough capital to start a movie, then all is lost at the very start.

The myth of the big six

There are old movie studios that are still operational to this day. These are big Hollywood studios that have become popular as they braved the tests of time. These studios are now big household names that everyone knows. They release one blockbuster after the other, and they seem to be an unstoppable force when it comes to producing new films. These studios are Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. Each studio has made a name for itself through the famous films they have created.

Universal Pictures is the oldest American film studio which is known for releasing Jurassic World (2015). Its great successes were with Steven Spielberg with Jaws (1975), E.T. (1982) and Jurassic Park (1993).

Paramount is known for its film Titanic (1997), co-producing with 20th Century Fox. Other notable works were The Godfather (1972), Grease (1978), Indiana Jones and Star Trek movie franchises.

Walt Disney began as a cartoon studio that started with Mickey Mouse. Now, it has acquired Pixar, Marvel Studios, and Lucas films, bringing in great franchises under its umbrella.      

Warner Bros. Pictures is known for The Dark Knight (2008). The studio’s key franchises are Dirty Harry, Lethal Weapon, The Matrix, Batman, Superman, the DC Universe, Harry Potter and The Hobbit.

Columbia Pictures started as a small production studio that only produces low-budget short films.  Now, it is known for the Spider-Man, Men in Black, The Karate Kid, and Ghostbusters franchises.  

20th Century Fox is best known for Avatar (2009). This company started out producing musical films and pioneered in the widescreen cinemascope. Now, they have franchises like Star Wars, X-Men, Home Alone, Die Hard, and Planet of the Apes.