Looking For A Quick Netflix Series To Binge Watch? Try “YOU”

Viewers will have different taste when it comes to the genre of movies or TV series that they want to watch. Sometimes it can also depend with the mood you have. For people who want to feel relaxed or uplift their mood, they will surely look for comedy movies that could make them laugh. For kids who are still imaginative, they would look for fantasy movies or those with superhero characters. In fact, these movies still suit adults who still have a child-like attitude. Lovers or couples will look after movies or TV series about the relationship. They can get ideas on how they can resolve issues concerning their relationship instead of quarreling or giving up.

Watching Love Series on Netflix

People who are in love can easily relate to TV series that shows intense love between couples. With lots of TV series in Netflix, one great series that you have to start watching is “YOU.” The story is all about what a man can do for love. In this series, the main character shows that he can do anything for the girl he admires to the point that he will try to get rid of any obstacle that could come his way. Though the love is something that any woman would want to experience, it can also be very alarming because of the harm that it can do to other people. It only shows that the man can go beyond the limit just to get his girl.

The series already has its second season and the third part is something that the viewers are excited about. Too much love can lead to obsession which can be very dangerous. The series somehow gives people an idea about what obsession can do. You can no longer say that it is love because it already affects the way you treat other people. If you are excited about the continuation of the “YOU” tv series, then you have to watch out for the third season.

This can be perfect for those who are too much attracted to a girl that they are willing to do everything. It can give them an idea about their limitations when it comes to loving someone. If you truly love someone, the feelings should have positive effects to you and not to cause harm. The series is expected to come back in 2021 with more exciting scenes for the viewers.